Quad Air

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The innovative Quad Air dive computer is a step-up from the Quad, able to read the tank’s pressure, it receives data directly from the dive tank via a wireless transmitter. Also includes a magnificently clear display, three-row layout and four buttons for intuitive use!


Quad Air computer:

The Quad Air Mares dive computer has a rectangular LCD 15% larger than the Nemo Wide, excellent contrast and large characters, making it very easy to read the ascent rate in m / min and the time underwater diving. In addition, the three-line layout includes all relevant data, including block pressure for quick and easy reading.

With four buttons, menu navigation is intuitive for both right-handed and left-handed divers. For intuitive navigation! The vertical symmetry (specular function) of the buttons during the dive, positioning the computer on the right or left arm is not a problem.

The Mares Led Tank Module probe transmitter adapts perfectly to the Quad Air Mares computer for wireless block data integration!


Four buttons for intuitive navigation.

Two customizable fields for additional information.

Specular function (vertical symmetry) buttons during the dive, positioning the computer on the right or left arm is not a problem.

Teacher. Maximum displayed: 150m / 492 ft.

Memory capacity: 38 hr.

Sampling of the profile: 5 s.

Stopwatch: Yes.

Display: Segment Display.

Battery indicator: Yes.

Mode map: Yes.

Choice of units in metric / imperial: Yes.

Residual nitrogen reset: Yes.

User Replaceable Battery: Yes.

Disable sound alarms: Yes.

Disable "uncontrolled" uploads: Yes.

Ascent speed (m / min - ft / min): Yes.

Altitude adjustment: Yes.

Multigas: Yes.

Decompression dive planner, with user adjustable surface interval.

Led Tank Module:

Transmits block information.

Color LEDs for quick block check at the surface.

Color LED alerts signal a low level of air in the dive.

Permanent pairing.

EN 250: 2014 certified at 300 bars.

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