0.5x wide angle dome lens for dc-series cameras

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The SeaLife 0.5x Wide Angle Dome Lens will increase the field of view by 100% over the already wide 31mm lens (film equivalent) of the DC2000 underwater camera. The Dome Lens allows for amazing underwater images and offers incredible perspective of the undersea landscape. Simply mount the lens and set the camera to its AF or Macro setting. The 0.5x Wide Angle Dome Lens has a 16mm effective focal length on the DC2000 underwater camera and features fully multi-coated precision optics for maximum light transmission. The effective focal length with the Dome lens on the DC1400 camera is 14mm.


0.5x Wide Angle Dome Lens increases field of view by 100%.

Waterproof to 330 feet / 100 meters.

Fits all DC series SeaLife cameras and other cameras with 52mm threads.

16mm Effective Focal Length on the SeaLife DC2000 underwater camera.

14mm Effective Focal Length on the SeaLife DC1400 underwater camera.

Dome-shaped lens obtains maximum field of view underwater.

Easily attach/remove lens while underwater.

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